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    This is the “Winner`s spring”

    "Come and drink from The Winner`s spring"


“Winner`s spring” is a unique area that concentrates in one area followed by the first settlers on the European continent, mysterious Thracian tribes and the Golden Age of undefeated Simeon the Great. The legend says that before each battle the greatest Bulgarian King Simeon The Great drank from the Spring and the magic water gave him strength to create Great Bulgaria, bordering on three seas, and never lost a battle.  The entire place was actually inhabited for thousands of years.Here were the migration routes of animals and prehistoric people. They have migrated, led by the same instincts and following the magnetic lines of the earth. And here is where these lines intersect. This is proven by archaeological finds discovered in the area. Rock niches to us were actually occupied by people in ancient times. Nearby is also the sanctuary of sun worship facing east used during the Thracians and the Great Danube civilization.

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